Discover More about Sustainability at the ‘G

Ever wondered where your rubbish goes after a footy game? Or how the MCG powers the light towers?

Students can now learn about the MCG’s energy, emissions, waste and water usage initiatives as part of our educational Sustainability Experience!

Teachers will be provided with access to an exclusive video for students to watch prior to their excursion, showcasing behind the scenes of sustainability projects at the MCG. During the excursion students will then take a tailored stadium tour where they will get to see these initiatives in practice*!

This curriculum-based experience can be added to an MCG Tour excursion booking at no additional cost. Please indicate in the booking request form if you would like to select this option.

*Please note that not all areas shown/referenced in the video are accessible on the MCG Tour due to safety reasons. The MCG Tour route is subject to change.