Find an Indigenous story

Explore the Australian Sports Museum through a collection of Indigenous sporting moments. Featured across several of the displays inside the museum are a series of objects and stories centered on Indigenous athletes.

Students and visitors alike are invited to independently explore, learn and reflect on these stories through Thinking Routines. To find the stories, keep an eye out for this fingerprint featured around the museum.

What are Thinking Routines?

Thinking Routines are ideal for exploring ideas, sparking curiosity and provoking debates in a variety of contexts and environments.

Thinking Routines teach students to make their ideas visible and accessible, developing a deeper understanding of the Indigenous stories featured across the Australian Sports Museum.

Indigenous Trail Learning Resources

The Indigenous Trail starts within the Australian Sports Museum, but the learning doesn’t stop when you leave. Download the student learning resource Indigenous Trail 1 to continue the discussion with students at school.

Indigenous Trail 1

Indigenous Trail 2